SILICONE NECKLACE CORD White 17 inch with Built In Clasp (5 pieces)

Rockin Resin

$ 3.50 

These silicone necklaces are just about the coolest thing I have seen lately. They have a great rubber like silky soft feeling and feature this great built-in clasp that is very durable. To open, you just slowly pull the two ends apart and to close it is as easy as pushing the one end into the other. Because they aren't made of metal, they are of course lead free, nickel free, and hypoallergenic if you have bad reactions to metal jewelry.

Great for featuring focal beads like lampwork, acrylic, and resin pieces and it even looks great doubled over and worn as a bracelet for guys and girls.

Color: White
Quantity: 5 necklaces
Measurement: 17 inches long with clasp, 16 inches long without.
Cord size: 3 mm
Clasp size: 5 mm