Seconds 6 pcs FAUX RHINESTONE ROSES Flatback Resin Flower Cabochons

Rockin Resin

$ 3.95 

Faux Rhinestone Roses Decoden Resin Cabochons - Combination of Small & Large

*****NOTE: These are grade B seconds. They have some irregularity - maybe a black speck in the resin, rough edges, or some AB coating issue. A great way to get some discount cabochons for your projects that are still super useful.

Quantity: 6 pieces - a combination of small & large flowers. You may get 2 large and 4 small, 4 large and 2 small, 3 of each size, etc. Basically double the amount you would get buying grade A.
Color: Random Mix
Size: Small rose approx. 34 mm; large rose approx 45mm