Priority Box Filled with Kawaii Cabochons & 30x40mm Resin Cameo Seconds

Rockin Resin

$ 39.95 

Priority mail box full of kawaii cabochons and 30 x 40 mm resin cameo seconds

What you will get is a Priority Mail small flat rate box filled with Decoden cabochons and 30x40mm resin cameo seconds. I have bins and bins filled with pieces and will do no further sorting - I am just grabbing handfuls and filling boxes.  

The pieces make the seconds pile when there are some irregularity and cannot be sold as grade A pieces.  For something like the cabochons, it may be because there was a small discoloration or bad paint job.  For the cameos, 90% of the item its because the one color bled into the other color resin.  There of course can be other issues but the pieces are still very useful.  

Please choose priority shipping on checkout.