Jesse James Buttons 7 pc DO IT YOURSELF Tool Buttons and Flatback Cabochon Embellishments

Rockin Resin

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Jesse James Dress It Up Buttons
Turn them into Flatback Decoden Cabochons (See Photos Above)

Model: Do It Yourself
Quantity: 7 pc
Back: Shank (approx. 3mm) on everything except ladder; ladder is flatback
Material: Resin
Size: Ladder 38 x 23mm
Paint Bucket 22 x 19mm
Hammer 28 x 16mm
Measuring Tape 23 x 13mm
Pliers 24 x 11mm
Brush 26 x 9mm
Screwdriver 28 x 6mm

Want to use these in Decoden projects and need a flat back? It is so simple to clip the shank off the back of these buttons. For an example, see the pictures above.

WARNING: Choking Hazard, Small Parts.
Not for children under 3 years or for use on children's clothing.