ICE RESIN 8 oz Kit Jewelers Grade Crystal Clear Doming Resin

Rockin Resin

$ 29.95 

Ice Resin by Susan Lenart Kazmer 8 ounce Kit

Jewelers grade crystal clear Ice Resin is so easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started - just add bezels or molds. It takes 6 hours to harden and 3 days to cure. Pigments can be added to the resin to add color to your pieces. Great for using in pendant blanks and bezels for photo pendants. It is also self doming and self leveling which is fantastic for Scrabble jewelry and glass pendant makers. Resin also works as an adhesive! I use it when I add in my screw eyes so they are secure forever.

Kit Includes 4 ounce resin, 4 ounce hardener, 8 mixing cups, 8 stir sticks, 2 spout caps and complete instructions for use.

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