FIMO DECO GEL Liquid Polymer Clay Decorating Gel 1.6 oz

Rockin Resin

$ 14.95 

Fimo Deco Gel Liquid Polymer Clay 50mL/1.6 oz - 1 bottle

Fimo® Liquid Decorating Gel Fimo liquid is an oven-hardening decorating gel with liquid properties. It is distinguished by its high transparency and flexibility after hardening. Liquid Fimo is transparent/translucent and can be used to make transfers from photographs, color photographs, newspapers and magazines. Tint with polymer clay, acrylic paints, oil paints, or dry pigments to create your own colors from painting on wood, metal or unbaked polymer clay. Excellent adhesion for connecting unbaked or baked polymer clay. 1.6oz

*Oven-hardening deco gel
*Extremely flexible
*Suitable for a variety of applications
*Can be mixed with oil paints and paint powder
*With detailed leaflet