Rockin Resin

$ 7.95 

8 piece Shaping and Sculpting Tool Kit

Handle Colors May Vary (Right now I have orange in stock)

BONE TOOL: Ideal for thinning and smoothing the edges of leaves, flower petals, and frills.

SHELL & BLADE TOOL: Create simple embossed shell patterns and borders. The blade end is used to cut and trim.

BALL TOOL: Essential tool for flower making and cupping leaves and petals.

SCALLOP & COMB TOOL: Use to create features like mouths and ears. The comb end is used to emboss a serrated design or pattern.

SERRATED & TAPERED CONE TOOL: Used to indent or emboss into paste to create a cone shaped hollow.

TAPERED CONES 5/6 STAR TOOL: Use as a simple star embosser. Also ideal for creating centers of five or six petal flowers.

CONE TOOL: Versatile tool that can be used to hollow and emboss a variety of shapes.

FLOWER/LEAF SHAPER TOOL: Ideal for creating veining on leaves and flowers.

❤ Can be used with.. Polymer Clay, Resin Clay, Cold Porcelain, Salt Dough, Fondant, Butter, Soap, Wax, etc.

Do not cross contaminate. Once used on polymer clay or resin materials, it can never be used for food again.