4mm JUMP RING MIX Open 4mm x 0.7mm with Storage Box

Rockin Resin

$ 5.95 

Jump ring mix that includes six different colors of open jump rings including:

*Shiny Silver Plate
*Antique Silver
*Gold tone
*Antique Copper
*Gunmetal Black

They measure 4mm in diameter x 0.7mm thick.

You receive approximately 230 pieces per color. All are conveniently stored in a plastic storage box which is included. I use these myself and in the spirit of full disclosure, I find that the lids on these boxes don't always want to stay closed. When not in use, I would recommend keeping those that don't stay closed sealed with a small piece of washi tape or the like. Just an FYI, so there are no surprises.

Other sizes available in the store.