100 pcs Antique Silver Screw Eyes 12mm x 5mm, 2.5mm hole

Rockin Resin

$ 2.50 

100 Antique Silver Screw Eyes!

Turn Your Decoden Resin Cabochons into Charms easily with screw eyes!!

Size: 12 mm long, 5 mm wide, with an approx. 2.5 mm hole.

HOW TO USE: You will need an electric screwdriver or dremel type rotary tool, a tiny bit of glue, and some micro drill bits - and of course your resin cabochons. Drill a small starter hole. Use your jewelry pliers to hold the circle end of the screw eye. Dip the end screw part into your choice of glue and gently screw into the hole. Do not over screw as this will break the screw eye permanently lodging the end in your piece. Once set and dry, these little guys hold a lot.

They are also great for polymer clay projects, resin jewelry, and even wood pieces.

The last two pictures are just two examples using type same type and size of screw eye!