Turquoise DECODEN BLING Fake Whipped Cream 4 fl oz

Rockin Resin

$ 7.00 

Decoden Bling Fake Whipped Cream Paste - Turquoise 

4 tipd not included.  Price was reduced.

I absolutely love this cream! The cream is made is France and is a high quality formula cream. It is very creamy and dries hard with no cracking. You can use it as a glue to attach your cabochons or rhinestones. It is very strong! Take a look at some example pieces in the other pictures.

The tubes are 4 fluid ounces. With one tube, I was able to create everything in the example pictures plus an additional cellphone case.

*Color: Turquoise
*Size: 4 fluid ounces (118 mL)
*Dries in about 24 hours (depending on thickness).
*High quality cream - Made in France
*Non-toxic, Safe for Kids

PLEASE NOTE: This is not real icing. It is inedible and a craft product.